Cataclysmic level cum shot

Then bust the largest nut of your entire existence while never breaking that intense eye contact. A nut so powerful that your ancestors and their ancestors before them feel the rush. Unleash a flood so fierce and limitless that it would make Katrina envious. Noah will need a second arc. That wasn’t a typo btw. Noah will need a shonen protagonist level training arc from like every mentor figure to ever exist.

Send in Roshi, Genkai, Jiraiya, Rayleigh, All-Might, Izumi, etc. to train up Noah because he is going to need it all to even possibly stand a chance of surviving the sticky white reckoning that awaits. I hope that big-ass zoo-boat is made of titanium steel this time around, noey-boy.

This biblical nut is going to be so world-ending in scale that there will be five horsemen of the apocalypse after I big-bang-bust. The Cum Horseman. Moses wouldn’t even attempt to split this load, he knows it is futile. Raining frogs? Try raining down copious amounts of cum, Pharaoh. Reality throughout the cosmos itself will change by the end of this orgasm.

As for your intimate partner? They have already been so consumed by this load that they have been absorbed into the ether itself. Erased from existence by this morbillionaire money shot. Straight up jizzed them into the embrace of the void (with consent of course).

There will be such a maelstrom of cum that time of human history will be divided into two sections afterwards. Historians that survive will abide by BCE (Before Cum Era) and CE (Cum Era) moving forward. The exact shift between eras being my cataclysmic cum storm, which wise elders will speak of by the campfire in hushed whispers for generations to cum. There will be statues erected in worship of this cumshot. Ozymandias weeps.

This righteous godlike nut will be summoned as I glare at my parents during the act. Actually, no. Not only them. Anyone in my sights will be confronted with the dominance of my gaze. I will hold passionate deep eye contact with all of you at once. I won’t break that intimate gaze until the need of the deed that is unleashing my seed is done.

BONUS POINTS: If you roar out “YABBA DABBA DOOO!!!!” when you climax. My comment under the Giant Party Squid will be your guide if you seek the forbidden knowledge.

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