Catgender is a real gender!

This comment section overall DISGUSTS ME. Here I was trying to do some research into catgender because I didn’t understand it, then I come across most of this DISGUSTING comment section. I am a cat therian and a furry, genderfluid. First of all, why is that even a question? Yes, catgender is ofc valid! Some of y’all are really confusing gender and sexuality in the comments.

Another thing, furries just have a fascination of anthropomorphic animals, whether they are non-suiters or wear some of the suit or fully suit up, they are valid and ARE NOT ZOOS.

Therians aren’t all spiritual, however I am and it is just a case (for me) that my soul was put in the wrong body, much like being trans but the completely wrong body, not just gender wise.

I don’t know why dreamsexuals were brought up here, but the one in the ace spectrum is also COMPLETELY VALID, however the other one is not.

Xenogenders were not made to mock the LGBTQIA+ community, they were made so neurodivergents can feel comfortable in who they are and with labels they identify as.

Props to the people I have upvoted, and to the rest, you disgust me.


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