Cheap mirrors

man can i ever relate to this question i grew up for the first 18 years of my life thinking i was ugly because i had cheap mirrors in the house and so didn’t even look up at myself in school mirrors when washing my hands. imagine, i washed my hands and left without a single glance up for 18 freakin years! i did once go to a rich friends home and saw my beauty in the mirror. i honestly honestly didn’t believe it was my own reflection. i thought it was some sort of magic. imagine, seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time as you really are. just imagine it. it felt like i was looking at another living breathing human being who i most definitely didn’t associate with me and wondering who this person possibly could be, because i myself felt and saw myself as ugly and i mean an ugliness i just can’t describe. it was only when i met my husband that i began looking at myself differently. even now i have trouble with body dysmorphic feelings all because of those cheap mirrors- they shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold on the market because they have the power to distort the poor’s view of themselves and keep them tied up in shame, lacking dignity and afraid to move out into society. this truly can be the power of a mirror and lack of proper lighting in the home.You should go down to the beach, or go out at noon when the sun is highest in the sky and there is the most sunlight and look at yourself outside. this is what you really look like! this is your true beautiful self if you don’t see beauty because of lack of self care or a distorted attitude then make a decision to take action to start taking care of yourself inside and out.

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