Chemical Weapons are way too OP please nerf

Listen, I know this isn’t a new topic, these were established in the geneva convention community event after the ww1 and during the ww2 update, but I think it needs to be said again.

First of all, chemical weapons make the game really unfun even when both countries have them, because none of the players can really play and end up dead, or worse, mutated in some horrible fashion, on top of this, nobody likes stun mechanics in games, and this is a really nasty one, everyone who isn’t killed by it is stunned for almost eternity, and left with some major physical debuffs, on top of this, making other players’ lives hell is really a dick move, and people will start to think really low of your country for quite a while. This is why it’s banned in almost every competive league and use of it has major punishments especially if you are part of the U.N. community.

So, because of this I have some potentional updates to chemical weapons for whatever update is coming next (big hype for ww3 update) first off a major damage nerf is required, right now a chemical weapon is insanely damaging to anything it touches, therefore I think it should be a light poison, weakening an enemies physical stats and possibally causing some long term problems but nothing greater than maybe a higher likelyhood of cancer

Next off, chemical weapons need to be way harder to obtain, while it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to obtain with the new advances in technology created by the commmity it’s reallyy easy to get anything, because of this the crafting recipe and minimum sell price for chemical weapon should be changed, I think lots of different poisons and mixtures and also a ton of rarer materails should go into buying it, and in case a black market forms the minimum price should be about 7,000,000 dollars, this should deter a lot of buying in bulk epecially when countries are low on resources, since chemical weapons, even nerfed provide a low skill and extremely destructive way to win a war which both ruins the fun for the enemy country, and you because you no longer get the satisfaction of pullling off a clutch win, think about it, ww2 britain was fucking awesome, why? because they stuck it out instead of cowering away or using cheap strats, even braving all the bullshit germany threw their way.

Overall these are really important nerfs that in the long run should maybe allow chemical weapons in competitive leagues and allow for more variety in play, as the meta now has become kind of stale, that’s it for this video, I hope you take these balances changes into consideration, and good day.

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  1. I know that this is not a new theme, it was established at the Geneva Community Meeting after 1, and during the W2 update, but I think it should be re-stated.

    First of all, chemical weapons make the game really vain, even if both countries have because no players can actually play and end up dead or worse, can turn into a terrible way, on top, no game prefers engine mechanics of fantastic moves, which is really dirty, everyone who has never died, almost eternal, why they are banned from using a private security community.

    Therefore, because of this, I have some strong chemical weapon updates for any subsequent updates (Help For Moderaniztion) that come before the significant harm required for it, now a chemical weapon that damages that thing crazy, so I think it should be a light poison, weakening physical enemies and creates some long-term problems.

    After that, chemical weapons should be more difficult than their acquisition, while it’s not the easiest thing in the world to achieve new advancements in technology created by communism, as they stuck instead of removing it or using cheap strains, so that all bulls contained that Germans have thrown their way down.

    Generally, it is a very important nucleus, that in the long run, chemical weapons can be allowed in competitive patrols and allow more variety to play, and then they will be able to keep their hands together.

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