Chinese history be like

> Emperor Sumlongdong of the Maoxi dynasty establishes an empire and rules for 15 years

>builds giant wall and temple full of soldier statues before his death to defend his corpse and grave from being desecrated by barbarians

>barbarians break through walls and desecrate Sumlongdong’s grave anyways,then proceed to burn down villages and seize the city-state of Wokjian

>barbarians casually leave China right after ravaging the land

>giant crisis follows caused by barbarian raids,leading to civil war known as War of Heavenly Restoration,with ruthless warlord Xao Xina taking over and establishing his own dynasty

>500,000 dead due to war

>Xao Xina converts to Buddhism but then immediately creates his own denomination which he tries to make look more Chinese

>reign is short-lived,assassinated by one of his consorts and eunuch slaves conspiring to have him poisoned only 6 years into his reign

>ded of poisoning at the age of 42

>death of Xao Xina causes a line of infant emperors who all rule an absurdly short time and die in their teens

>causes new civil war

>The War of the Dragon is won by Wong Chao who leads 175,000 soldiers across a bridge during the Year of the Rat during the Battle of Red Dragon’s River against Lao Dung and his warlord allies

>Lao Dung flees to the west to make a new army

>returns 20 years later

>Lao Dung and Wong Chao battle in one final confrontation,with Wong Chao dying aged 60 by being impaled on a dagger

>Lao Dung commits suicide by jumping off a dragon-shaped bridge next to his 69420-foot tall imperial palace and Buddha statue while being chased by remaining Wong Chao loyalists

>everyone massacres each other in the process

>420 billion dead

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