Christians Against Buzz Lightyear (Facebook Group)

I love the story of the kids who wanted to see a movie that had just one little thing in it that was bad, but their dad wouldn’t let them. They thought it was so unfair to judge a whole movie over one small part. So the next night dad surprised them by baking them a tray of brownies. Right before the kids started to eat them, the dad said, “Before you eat the brownies, I need you to know I took just a little bit of our dog’s poop and put it in the mix. Now, its just a tiny little bit, the rest is fine, and you’ll hardly notice it.” Crazy thing was, the kids wouldn’t touch the brownies – in fact, they said the whole batch should be thrown in the trash! But dad said, “I don’t understand, its just a little poop, the tinniest but – its probably not even in the bite you’ll take. It certainly doesn’t ruin the whole thing!?” After the kids explained to him in detail how that little tiny bit of poop ruined the whole tray and made it garbage he said, “And that’s why we don’t watch movies with just a little part that displeases God. It ruins the whole thing.” The children silently walked away. They finally understood.

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