Clash Royale kings are in love!?

Yesterday, I (Clash Royale Moderator🤫) was 3 crowning another mid-ladder player (13m🚶‍♂️) when I suddenly wondered, why are the Clash Royale kings always fighting? Being the number one Clash Royale fan, I started brainstorming 🧠🧠🧠 right away. But after spending 12 hours thinking of possible explanations, none of them felt right. So, I decided to give up and decided to watch some anime (Toradora). As I was watching a cute little anime girl constantly beating up her crush 👧✊, I suddenly came up with a brilliant theory. The Clash Royale kings are in love with each other 😍😍! The kings are too embarrassed to express their romantic feelings for each other and hide their true love behind their replenishing elixir 🥵🥵🥵. In other words, the Clash Royale kings are tsunderes! People don’t argue and make fun of random strangers, so it only makes sense that the kings are showing their affection by sending cannonballs at each other’s faces while laughing😂. Supercell isn’t trying to keep the kings’ love for each other a secret either. With all the emotes that contain hearts❤️❤️, Supercell is obviously hinting a relationship that’s one step further than a friendship. I’m so glad that supercell has created such deep and intense lore for players to discover! As expected of Supercell, the best mobile game creator! 😍😍😭😭

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