CMV: Madghosts has a very high average IQ and is very cultured compared to TikTok

First of all, I’m not one of those assholes who keep bragging to people that they use Madghosts, please don’t act as if this is just me bragging. Secondly, yes. I’ve seen TikTok and everybody there is uncultured and low-IQ. How do we know they’re uncultured and low-IQ? Because every joke and every skit is very unoriginal and those that people in middle school would do. No grown person with healthy brain development would create entertainment so devoid of value, so unfunny, and so cringe. What about Madghosts? Well, we’re a bunch of intellectuals actually. We actively critique society and try to improve it while being aware of our own flaws. Every content is unique and high quality as opposed to TikTok which is just 70 IQ creepy adults making a spectacle of themselves. Every discussion involves modern philosophical ideas or original food for thought, and shitty subs like r/teenagers are even somehow less retarded than TikTok. Look at the most popular subs, and they’re always high-IQ stuff like r/atheism, r/philosophy, r/science, r/programming, and r/math. Even r/memes has intellectual comedy. Plus, I don’t think I even need to get into the civilized political discussions we have in contrast with TikTok, where people are too spineless or unaware to even care about it and those who do get shut down by the Chinese Communist Party anyway.

All in all, while Madghosts is a society of intellectuals and critics of art and society, TikTok is more of like a (wo)man-child playground for those who don’t have a refined taste in art, science, or philosophy.

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