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True statements that I’ve stood by for the longest time! I have many friends who complain about the toxicity of the fandom, but as I’d keep saying, while it may be the loudest from the outside perspective, it’s also the smallest.

Picture a simple cell with a membrane. The outer circle is the basis of good, the majority of the community that holds together. Then there’s the smaller black circle that happens to be the centre of attention. It’s not fair that it seems to be the loudest, but alas, you have to look past that dark circle and focus on the biggest part of the community that makes this happen. The game itself, the fan media, the community involvement, the events, the evolution of the said fanbase. Gripe all you want, but it’s held pretty damn strong for a long time, and I doubt will go away anytime soon 😉

In fact, so many fandoms have the same really small but loudest problems:

Undertale: Pacifist run or you’re the scum of the earth. Doom: You’re an immature adult that craves boobs. Don’t get any blood or boobs? Not important. My Little Pony: You’re smarter than everyone else and if you’re not, you’re nothing to them. FNAF: It’s either FNAF or nothing. Pokemon: You either come to terms with the under rated Pokemon generations or you’re considered a hater.

<p>Steven Universe: Cosplay the right way or you will suffer.

THESE, are all problems… BUT, they’re the smallest, and while they’re the loudest, they’re the easiest to avoid as long as you stick with what satisfies you and only you. If you’re happy to be involved in this community, you’re more than welcomed with open arms, because that’s what the majority of this fanbase wants to do. Communicate, evolve, adapt, revolutionise 😀

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