Communist mass slaughterings (for fighting communists)

the only times your systems have been put into place have caused nothing short of genocide


Great Purge (USSR), 1,200,000 (estimate high end)

Holodomor (USSR), 2,711,000 (lowest estimate)

Polish Genocide (USSR), 111,091 (lowest estimate)

Chechen-Ingush Genocide (USSR), 100,000 (lowest estimate)

Deportation of the Crimean Tatars (USSR), 34,000 (lowest estimate)

Cambodian Genocide (Cambodia), 1,000,000 (lowest estimate)

Chinese Land Reform (PRC), 1,000,000 (lowest estimate)

Famine Killings (PRC), 2,500,000 (lowest estimate)

Guangxi Massacre (PRC), 100,000 (lowest estimate)


These are just a small list of every life lost during large scale events, with lowest estimates on all but one.


Total Deaths on this list (added together)





remember. Each and every number on each and every entry was someone who thought, who had their own lives, had their own families, they thought for themselves, spoke for themselves and, under communists, died. had their lives ceased unfairly and immediately, there is no system that has caused this much damage in this short of a time period, by a long shot, please, rethink your ideas.

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  2. The number was not classified only when the system is in place.


    A great cleaner (ussr) 1.200,000 (the highest limit)

    quadmo (ussr) 2.710,000 (monmum forecast)

    Geneide (ussr) 111,091 (in Polish).

    The genomeside Chechen-Ingush (sr) 100,000 (the largest citate) is 1000,000 (the largest citate)

    tatarski report (s. 340,000)

    The genome (cambodia) 1,000,000 (low approx) in Cambodia.

    The Chinese Reform of the land (prc) 1,000,000 (minimum quote).

    folwark 2.500,000 (minimum approx.

    hironishi masscre (prc) 10,000.


    It is a small list of all missing people during the great event and one lowest quotation for all things.


    Death on the list.





    He remembers that every letter of everybody has his own family, thinking about himself and talks to each other and to see in a communication house. The life is not good and fast, but there is no system that causes damage in short time. In the course of their ideas with long shots.

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