Compilation of Dream’s Comment Section

“Dream no li ke calamar”

“George is your friend nahh you guys are datin”

“Dream my friend Clara stories has a crush on you”

“wow you are so pro i am a new fan”

“Dream kinda sus”

“is drem ples adop me”

“Dam he gay as hell”

“Dream you are the worst you always interfere in the voting of mine with I wanted the cow I am not going to subscribe you are the worst youtuber not even and those who wonder what happened in the voting those of wet told him not to do it again and he I answer the opposite, you are the worst dream”

“l ca do lt l am dream”

“dream do you like dnf💚💙?”

“I from indonesian”

“alllah tuhan kamu dream”

“Can you take off your mask in real life”

“Hey dream u dumb you even beat techo what a nerd”

“OMG- 100 million +views on a MINECRAFT Video? Wow Minecraft is cool still😎😀”

“Am got very idea all you frends what play your game speed run you frends get compass and she see what are you but all are try hard”

“Never becoming your fan again nerd🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I hate you for bullying two ppl and making george cry HOW DARE YOU!”

“Dream you are very noob in the roblox ok nooooooooooooob”

“My dream is dream :)”

“Eres un nob”

“I saw on george not found vid you bully him and taking his iron ore that’s it”

“I can’t beat mc once because I am on mobile and in mcpe it’s hard to find fortress and I don’t have enough time to find it”

“Hey block man go”

“I see dream face”

“Dream hi huw are you i from Ukraine”

” love dream I love when is sream dream you are so good man”

“Dream can you stop spinning him i am feeling dizzy”

“[24:04]( holy shit that was a pro move”

“Dream is Iq 20000000”

“Stupid in Barc lava redit”

“The ender pearl trick is just amazing😍😍 big fan :)”

“Can you show me your discord ID account just comment if you agree Dont ignore/scroll down :)”

“oooo some one has a crush on George”

“Plzz do make vedio with smartypie plz”

“I saw a blacksmith”

“Drema hile yapıyor inianmayın rekor kırması hileyle kırdı”

“c mon we want to see your real fase .”

“Pura m*** subís vos me caes mal porque votaste por el calamar azul”

“is drem ples adop me is mejo is juego is roblox drem o is medesupcribo is”

“🖕 no u”

“Dream please make a video on Minecraft pocket edition please”

“Dreammmmmmmmm you wat cooper golem not alley the best mob😡”

“I really want to join the smp”

“Dream i want to meet you in a world”


“Sapnap = dream”

“you deserve 100000000000000000 subs all the subs your the best your number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”

“dream I don’t know if your seeing this but can you friend my on discord I need to talk to you and I know you don’t know me but I love your video’s and I’m like your biggest fan so it would mean the world to me”

“Nye heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh… you got mass report so funny to hear 😏😏😏😏😅😏😏😏😆”

“O M G!!!!!! O M G !!!!! cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool”

“Why dream not talking”

“hello dream I love You and I can appear on your channel later how are you being together with your friends hunting me???????????”

“Who tô are = you dream i use slime block mlg i got are = you..”

“I don’t like you anymore! Why would you rig The mob vote?”

“All I know Bad is an idio”

“sapnap hear something BUT DONT SEE ANYTHING”



“I’m cool and this is funny :)”


“Did the sheep always have a hole where their mouth is? [31:40](”

“Dream why did you want to spoil the voting of mobs”


“you can get full diamond armour spwan ticker your face on south and dang to y level 12 to loot diamond eojo”

“I ain’t pray for these baguettes, I pray for better days (better days) I ain’t pray for that new ‘Vette, I’d rather have my dogs back Lord, protect me with this TEC, I ain’t pray for this Patek Remember the day I got the text “Another fatherless child” Can’t act right, ’cause they left him fatherless No hood harder than fatherhood Who gon’ teach your son to go farther than father did? All these kids raising all these kids”

“Dream is part dolphin”

“Dream Run!!!!!!”

“Hi fellow gays”

“Hey dream can you play GTA 5. I sub you I like your videos”

“I think Mr beast is your friend”

“dream i like you and I subscribe. a iam just 9”

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