Could a woman survive on a sperm-only diet?

If a woman were given appropriate amounts of sperm to eat each day – enough that the required calorie count were fulfilled – would she be able to survive? Does sperm contain all the essential nutrients to sustain life?

Hypothetically, yes.

A woman in her twenties needs 1,949 calories per day.

One serving of cum contains 5 calories. Thus, in order for a woman to eat a day’s calorie intake in a day, she needs to eat 390 servings of cum a day.

Let’s then assume the average man can cum on average twice a day (and some days that’s being generous). Thus you would need the man juices of 195 men every single day in order to intake just the calories.

UK Labour laws state that the minimum wage of any employable staff is £6.31 per hour. Assuming you could employ them for just the two hours of jerking, and not the wait time, the cost for all this sperm, per day is £2,460.90, for locally sourced semen, though you may be able to import it from abroad for less.

Comparatively speaking, a Big Mac contains 492 calories and costs £2.59 according to a recent scientific experiment I conducted. Thus you would only need 4 Big Macs, (costing £10.36 total) for the full calorie intake. Much cheaper. In addition, if the woman in question is rude to her server, she’ll get some free cum on her burgers anyway.

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