CQB spot

CQB means – Close Quick Battalia Meaning Very close fighting in Italian, I became familiar with the term fighting out in France, Had a similar situation when a Frenchman Rushed me with a blade and I had to disarm him with my Navy seal training that i didn’t even go on to become a navy seal I just didn’t want it! Killed him with that move instead lol, Good to see another marine that knows his lingo!!!!! Typical kids thinking everything is related to “gaming” serve 20 years in the secret military and then talk, all of you talking shit is kinda funny i can specifically beat up 5 people at a time and cause some of you major brain damage in the process, so you’re more than welcome to test my skills, as for deleting my comment? Hmph…come and make me 😈 i’ll be sat here with my 7 foot katana blade and my 9mm. Good luck 😋

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