“cum”? Okay, and?

“Cum”? Okay, and? Smh. You’re just another simple-minded parasite adding nothing of value to the discussion. It absolutely boggles my mind that someone could respond with something so basic and meaningless. A kind stranger thoughtfully came up with a creative comment to lighten the mood, and your response is a three letter word to express “cum”. How about you spend even just a couple of minutes out of your 24 hour day to come up with something a tad bit more meaningful? Is this the kind of lazy mindset that you implement in your daily life? This “I don’t feel like doing it”, or “this is good enough” style of thinking? Society would be thriving if people didn’t have your negative outlook on life. And sorry to break it to you, but people who think like you often don’t make it too far in life. Given your lack of intellect based on your brainless comment, you probably spend your days furiously spamming left wing propaganda on innocent dog pictures. Did I hit a little too close to home? Don’t worry, you’re no different from any other bot that responds to an innovative remark with “cum“. And if you really think those three letters you sent have any form of value, then maybe you should just leave. And don’t come back until you’ve apologized. And not to me; to everyone. For your horrific lack of effort, your disgusting display of your lazy attitude, and for your embarrassing representation of a functional member of society.


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