Okay, funny story from last night. Last night, I was curious right? Like, really curious. So, I started, you know, doing it. Jerking it. Jacking my stacks. Nobbing my cob. Just jerking my shit, right? You know? Anyways, I was very curious. Like, Really curious. So, you know, I started grabbing the top half and the bottom half of my cock, and twisting them in opposite directions. I twisted all the way until there was a loud click. My cock went numb, and salsa and glass shards started, you know, coming out. It went numb and there was a loud ringing noise in my ears. I thought I had died, but the salsa and the glass just kept on coming out… Crazy, right? Anyways… My cock is still numb and it is horribly disfigured. Do I tell my mom? Let me know in the comments below!


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