Dear deers

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear homosexuals and dear lesbians, dear androgens, dear bigenders, dear women who aspire to the masculine and men who aspire to the feminine, dear representatives of the multiple gender, respected gender queers, dear intersex, respected neither men nor women, dear asexuals, respected bi-sex denials, dear universal and pansexuals, dear masculine transitions and masculine transitions, dear female transitions and transitions to women, dear secrecy transitions, respected transsexuals, respected inter men and Dear Interwomen, Dear Intersex, Dear Bisexual, Dear Hermaphrodite, Dear Bisoul, Dear Gender 4, Dear Transgender, Dear Gender Fluid, Dear Aggender, Dear Pre-Male and Pre-Women, Dear Pre-Gender and Dear Non-Binary. expensive transmusculins. Go to hell, I forgot what I wanted to write.

#Dear #deers

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