Deez nuts are NOT too small…

Deez nuts are NOT too small. Although the general concenus is that my balls are like shriveled up raisins I would like to provide a counter-argument. Reason 1. It’s not how big it is its what you do with it. That being said pleasure could be provided in other robust ways rather than the simple solution of just going in deeper, such as twisting and going in at an angle to change up the areas of which the balls occupy within the vaginal, oral, or rectum cavities. Reason 2. Size is highly subjective. To some people my scrotum HUGE which is my opinion while to others, of whom are clearly mistaken, it is miniscule. Reason 3. Can I put my ballz in yo jawz? A valid point of which is non-negotiable. My opinions should/will not be viewed as opinion but rather as historical and scientific fact. Thank you for listening to my TedTalk. 😉

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  1. Thz beans are very small even if the general is my son, like the grapes. But they cause conflicts. 1. What is the size? This means happiness in certain forms of power instead of a simple eruption, such as: B. Twelve and enters the corner to change the place where vaginal balls or are in blood vessels. Good people from my point of view, while others are clear errors. Reason 3. Can I give the YoWz Yo balloon? The right thing so that my thoughts are not closed should not be like a vision. But in history and science, thank you for hearing TedTalk;)

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