Devo is NOT a one hit wonder

Oh absolutely. Yes your average person would only know Devo for “Whip It”, their “only hit” that charted at number 14, but if you asked them but I’m willing to bet a lot more would quickly recognize “Uncontrollable Urge” as soon as they heard it due to its many appearances in film, television, video games, sporting events, etc. This is to say nothing of the many songs of theirs that got MTV airplay in the 80s but were not technically “hits” because of how Billboard organizes their charts. But if you do want to go by billboard charts what do you have say about “Working In The Coal Mine” which hit number 43? No it’s not a massive hit but consider how something like Modern English’s “I Melt With You” is considered one of the quintessential one hit wonders of the 80s but it only charted at number 78. So why would that be considered a hit and “Working In The Coal Mine” isn’t? Also Devo’s influence is too vast to be considered a one hit wonder. On paper Jimi Hendrix and The Grateful Dead are one hit wonders because they technically only had one hit on the charts but no one treats them as such. Other than Kraftwerk, Devo is arguably the most important band when it comes to influencing the sound of 80s synth pop. Would the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have thrice nominated Devo is their influence was minimal? No. Also Devo still draws crowds. They play big theaters. When they do festivals they’re one of the top billed acts. Not many acts, much less one hit wonders, have that longevity. They still kick ass live, see them before they die. I will also defer to Weird Al Yankovic who for a half century has been the arbiter of what music is “relevant” in the mainstream. In 1985 he released “Dare To Be Stupid” a style parody of Devo’s music and music videos. “Whip It” was 5 years old at this point. Why would Weird Al release that as a single unless Devo was still relevant? They’re not a one hit wonder.

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