diarrhea apology

i’m really really sorry for making it hard for you this night. I tried really hard to get in bed but i just couldn’t hold my diarrhea in. I felt sick. And now I feel sick because you are upset. I know you are stressed out and tired of us but I sincerely ask you for some grace tonight. I hate seeing you upset and now I feel i’m i’m directly responsible for it. I am also extremely tired and want to go to bed, so i’m really sorry for making it hard on you.

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  1. I am truly saddening you to be caught in the plight. I tried to receive treatment, but I could say that diarrhoea. I feel dissatisfaction. Let me now feel disease because of your plight. I know your emphasis and sadness on us, but I sincerely ask you every night. I now feel that I am directly responsible for you. I am pessimistic and I would like to do so, and I am saddened you to accept.

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