Diary of a wimpu kid but in the future

rowley is in love with greg but greg is one of the boyz and is homophobic until he turns 29 and him and rowley get drunk together at a bar and start making out but greg thinks it’s just some weird thing that happened but then it happens again and he takes 14 am i gay quizzes and comes out to his family and manny isn’t accepting and his dad isn’t at first until later he realizes that his sons sexuality doesn’t change how he’s still his son and they make up. gregs mom buys him rainbow thing every year for his birthday. greg eventually comes out to rowley but rowley doesn’t yet because he’s nervous. they decide they wanna become roommates and move in together. one night greg comes home drunk and rowley has to help him. greg is balbbing on about how he’s so in love with rowley and the next morning rowley asks if he meant all the things he said and then they both confess their love for eachother

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