did he laugh?

did he laugh or did he do that thing where you type “lol” but u dont actually laugh cus it wasnt funny but it also wasn’t entirely unfunny and you don’t want to seem rude so you type “lol” to make the other person feel better but then that just encourages that kind of humor which means down the line you’ll be having more and more jokes of that caliber which aren’t really funny but you still don’t want to seem rude so you just keep typing “lol” and then one day when you meet they make that joke irl and you don’t laugh and it’s really awkward and they just stare at you and wait for you to laugh but you don’t laugh cus it’s not funny and you can’t exactly say “lol” aloud so now it’s really awkward and that one moment eventually is the reason your friendship drifts apart and you never speak again but at least you don’t have to type “lol” to stupid stuff that isn’t even funny


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