Did you know I hate macaroni?

did you know I hate macaroni? You are probably wondering ‘why do you hate macaroni?’ It’s because I don’t like how it taste. Now, you are probably asking ‘what about macaroni with cheese?’ That’s the one I tried and thats the one I hate. I just don’t like macaroni. You know I met Satan? He’s alright, just a crazy muhfuckah. I remember talking to him and asked him if he inveted macaroni and he said he didn’t. I accused him for lying because macaroni is a sin and it is clearly made by Satan’s fire. Everytime he denied and that’s why I’m no longer allowed in hell. Macaroni is despicable wanna know the cause of the german depression, Hitler’s birth, world war 2 and Chernobyl? Fucking macaroni. The dinosaurs saw macaroni coming and they decided to peace out before that shit hit store shelves. A velociraptor was like ‘oh fuck man did you hear that macaroni is eventually gonna be made?’ And the triceratops looked at him and said ‘oh shit we have to kill ourselves before that abomination ever happens.’ Wanna know what killed the dinosaurs? Well suicide of course but most importantly macaroni. The MCU is going downhill lately because macaroni continues to exist, that new thor movie ‘Thor:Fucks your mother’ would honestly be pretty good if macaroni didn’t exist. If I were to choose eternal suffering or severe and extreme body pains vs to eat macaroni I’d rather just fucking send a nuke to the sky and wait for it to hit me.

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