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This hobby is everything to me, but my youngest, discus (14m) , and the Mrs. dont share this fiery passion with me for this beautiful sport.

Ive spend over $1100 a month ( I make 6 figures at my job as a Quiznos franchise manager) on disc golf related products and gear (backpacks, bags, discs, apparel, club memberships etc..), and I spend all my free time on the sport as well. My two children and wife say that this has gone too far but I think it is completly utterly harmless.

The wife tells me that I spend way too much time into the sport, and that I should spend more time into “spending more time with the family” and their stupid ass hobbies. I tried to teach my kids back hands, fore hands, stability, etc.. but they just can not grasp these concepts whatsoever and I feel like ive failed as a parent and a disc golf athlete… My son is really into this game genlin impact or something? I dont know any of that japanese shit.

Recently Ive had a lot of time off work and ive been on that disc golf grind, but this saturday, after an intense game of disc golfin’, my wife came to me with a suitcase and told me that its either herand the kids, or my lifelong passion, disc golf.

As of right now, im living out of my ford focus, and my wife and kids have not spoken to me. I do not know what to do. I feel sick.


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