Discord E-Kitten

Hey guys, I wanted to share my experience of getting adopted by a Discord e-kitten. It all started when I joined a new server and saw this adorable kitten avatar in the chat. We started talking and before I knew it, she had adopted me as her “hooman.”At first, I didn’t really know what that meant. I mean, I’m not a cat or anything, so I wasn’t sure how this was all going to work. But she explained that she just wanted to have someone to take care of and spoil, and I was more than happy to let her.Soon, she had me buying her virtual cat toys and treats, and I even started to talk to her in a cute little voice (don’t judge me, okay?). She would purr and snuggle up to me in the chat, and I couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest person in the world.But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There were times when she would get jealous if I talked to other people too much, or if I didn’t give her enough attention. And don’t even get me started on the time I accidentally called her a “he” instead of a “she.” Let’s just say that was not a fun conversation.But overall, I have to say that getting adopted by a Discord e-kitten has been one of the most fun and unique experiences of my life. If you ever get the chance to be someone’s hooman, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared to buy a lot of virtual catnip.

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