Discord Kitten Rules

heart Rules for Kitten: heart
1. Bedtime on school nights is 11:00 pm.
2. Bedtime on weekends is 2 am.
3. Eat at least two meals a each day.
4. Eat one healthy snack each day.
5. No self-harm.
-> Come talk to Daddy if you need support!
6. No lying to Daddy.
-> 7. Respect Daddy. <-
8. ALWAYS ask for permission before taking pills.
9. You must compliment yourself at least once per day.
10. Don’t let other boys (or girls) lust after you – you belong to Daddy!
11. No drinking without permission.
12. No Drugs.
13. No eating after 8 pm.
-> 14. You may not please yourself outside of playtime with daddy. <-

Daddy may make exceptions to the aforementioned rules. Kitten may not.
Disobeying Daddy’s rules will result in punishment.

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