Discord minion copypasta

Pretty sure i said that once but im saying it again. I fucking hate minions. Why. Theyre little yellow potatoes that speak gibberish except for “banana” if u laugh at minions you are in serious need of help. What the hell is wrong with whoever created them. ITS NOT FUNNY ITS NOT FUNNY AT ALL?!?!? seriously. And some ppl say theyre cute WHAT THE FUCK????!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY DO WE PRAISE MINIONS ??? Theyre fucking annoying and think banana is peak comedy. Everytime they come on screen i wanna beat them up. shut up. Shut the fuck up. Why do we show this to children?? So they start acting like fucking one eyed yellow babies??? But the worst is adults who literally laugh their ass off to them. Like. Do you fucking jerk off to them too??? Omfg. Omfg. Omfg. I might just destroy my tv if i see them on it ever again

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