Do not call me edgy

shut up you fucking f***ot, I’m 21 and have a job, have been posting on this chan for 2 years, and have sex regularly, don’t fucking call me edgy. I’m going to take thirty fucking Kershaw kerambit knifes and furiously stab you until your screams of pain are reduced to gurgles and then in your death throws find the biggest knife wound and fuck it until I orgasm, using the blood as lube, and I hope all of you other liberal r***rds get cancer and in your final days bleed out in a car crash so I can jack off to the images just like I did where the Starship Troopers where Diz gets ripped apart and chokes to death on her blood, you’d better fucking run
before my penis is covered in your blood, and be a lesson to all of these f***ots who think the fallacy of calling me edgy is a legitimate tactic for arguments

#call #edgy

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