Do you really think 💀 is the appropriate response?

Do you really think it’s appropriate to put 💀 in your argument? It is an insult to all the people who died in 9/11. Putting “💀” to try and prove your point is worthless and highly offensive, think about all the people who have lost their lives and have to watch you disrespect them just so that you can try to win an argument on the internet, you should really be ashamed of yourself. Do you think your parents would approve of you disrespecting thousands of deceased people for essentially no reason? You absolutely disgust me. What you have done here should be a crime, and I will do everything in my power to make you pay. I will let the world know that you have rubbed your dirty shoes on the graves of thousands of innocent people. I hope you feel sorry, and rethink your actions when you get put in prison for life.


What do you think?

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