Doing weird shit and drugs in public

Am I the only degen that here that likes to do drugs in public ? Like last week I had to go register for my college classes for next semester and I had a sack of a-pvp in my pocket along with a pipe. I rolled the bowl for a good 5 minutes and got all pved out before I signed up for my classes. I was all saucer eyes and sweating like crazy and I’m pretty sure I reeked of cum. I’d been fapping for over a day straight and hadn’t slept I looked clean cut though just the fact that I utterly reeked. Then after I registered I saw the bathroom was clear of people so I popped on my phone and watched some porn while fapping violently. Managed to nut in a minute or so. Was literally the most intense rush id got in a while ok besides maybe from some scat stuff I did. But id say this experience was more vanilla to say the least.

Am I the only one that likes to do stuff like this ? I also like to beat off on my lunch break in random parking lots while I vape a-pvp. Managed about ten different parking lots so far. I almost got caught once at my job which is chick file btw lol.

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