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I’m going to add this public comment and hope I can pin it to the top of these comments. I’m not racist, and my comment comparing miscegenation and bestiality has been widely misinterpreted (and, I might add, widely shared in that form).

I’m not comparing any race to “animals,” I’m comparing one stupid law to another stupid law. They both depend on the notion of the sexual partner being “the other,” in one case a different “race” (and the whole idea of race is a stupid fiction, as far as I’m concerned), in the other a different species. Laws against miscegenation have their origins in laws against bestiality! No bestiality, no miscegenation. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, there is a difference between humans (all of us) and other creatures, but for the purposes of sexual contact, what is it? Leaving out the question of race, why shouldn’t we have sex with other animals (we are animals, primates, ourselves. We seem to forget that like, ALL THE TIME)?

If you think “Animals can’t consent,” that’s nonsense. Animals are giving and getting consent all the time TO OTHER ANIMALS. Otherwise, every act of intercourse in the animal kingdom would be RAPE, and manifestly that’s not the case. I refer you to some of the other videos on this channel of animals mating under natural conditions. You can see the female giving consent, in some cases even by mounting the male! Of course it’s true that animals can’t give VERBAL consent, but basically, if she lets you mount her unopposed, you’ve got her consent.

If you think “Humans are superior to animals, therefore we shouldn’t have sex with them” (the “Natural Law” explanation, which was once used to justify segregation) I suggest you spend a few minutes swimming with a dolphin in open water and see who is “superior” to whom. The dolphin can do everything in that environment that you can’t, and therefore in that environment it’s superior to you! Even anatomically, the dolphin’s brain is the equivalent to the human brain with greater development in the areas devoted to sound processing and integrating emotional behavior. These creatures aren’t bossing us around because nature has been kind enough to not give them opposable thumbs, a mistake she apparently made with us, with dire consequences.

If you think “We shouldn’t have sex with animals because God said not to” (Leviticus 18:23, 20:15-16) well, all I can say is I don’t believe in your petty little desert-god and I don’t hold his laws to be divinely inspired, so why would I want to obey those laws anyway? Are you an Orthodox Jew? Do you eat cheeseburgers or shrimp, or wear cotton-synthetic blends, or go out of the house on the Sabbath? Shame on you! If you’re not an Orthodox Jew, those laws weren’t written for you, and the Orthodox Jews probably don’t want you anyway. Besides, if you’re a man, you have to get circumcised to become one, but that’s another story.

Finally, I think you’re being hypocritical. In our society it’s OK to raise animals to eat. I’m certain that those creatures would rather have sex with a human than be slaughtered! You can raise an animal, buy or sell an animal, castrate or spay an animal, artificially inseminate an animal (rape it) and force it to bear offspring or hog-tie it before you mate it (rape again, with bondage) to make sure it doesn’t injure your big investment, the breeding stud. Animals are widely regarded as not having any emotions or any intelligence, but in fact they are more profoundly moved by their emotions than we are, and they have as much intelligence as they need to live.



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