Don’t copy my copypasta

You copied my copypasta. (not a copypasta. It’s just an archive from my friend who doesn’t use Copypasta on their site.) The copyright is theirs, and for my purposes I have no control over it. Don’t copy or redistribute that copypasta. If you choose to use it, there’s always a chance it’ll be used without my permission. I encourage you to follow the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 America Copyright Notice and for similar restrictions. And of course, any person who is interested in copypasta knows quite well that they could sue the author of this copypasta. But this isn’t something I’ve done in my life! Some authors will use Copypasta in an unrelated or unusual way. I’m a big believer, in the fact that you do NOT copyright an author whose work you love. This is one of the fundamental rights of free expression, and one I’m very good at. If you’re worried, as they say in copyright law, that your work will fall into someone else’s hands, please give a fair shake. The Copyright Act and the Copypasta The law of copyright is not as complicated as it may seem. While some creative people, like mine, have tried and failed to keep their copyright protected, I’ve failed a lot of times to keep my copyright protected simply because I love something I love.

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  1. You have written my photocopy. (judges) is just my friend’s files, where it is used faster. I have no control over them for my purpose. Indian or photocopy. if you choose to use this approach, the opportunity is always to use it if I approve. I recommend you follow the frameworkization-Noncial-Share assi 3.0 United States merge copyright notices and similar restrictions. Of course, no one interested in Indian is very clear that they can process the author of the copy. However, this is what I did in my life. some authors will use tagina in an unrelated or unusual way. My great faith, not talov, is the love of your author. This is one of the basic rights freely expressed, and I am very good. if you are concerned, as they said in copyright, your work will fall into the hands of others and will request a sediment. It seems that the copyright and copyright unit is complex. Although some creative people like mines have tried and have not maintained their copyright protection, I have been brave for a long time to defend my copyright, but as a master.

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