let me help..just down voted your ass. How do you like that dopamine? That is right scum of the earth, get off of madghosts and go pay your bills. There is no more dopamine here from now on I will follow you around on the internet and criticize every step you take pointing out the obvious that you are trash. The internet will no longer be your whore and you will go read a book or something else for dopamine. Read a book damn it. Wait until you get a nail bitting Dan Brown best seller and the dopamine the enjoyment reading that will bring. Instead you want to use your phone probably made with child slave labour from resources mined by children, pathetic. Get off your phone now. Also have a good night


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  1. help you. Did you get this dopamine? This is a kir skum, get out of reddit and pay bills. no more than now, you will follow on the internet and mark the evidence that you pass every step. The internet will not be yours and read a book or something for dopamine. read a book. wait until a best sadistic patch biting nails and dopamin enjoy reading. if you want to hear your phone probably made by children with the child slave job, pathetic. leave your phone. also spend a good night

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