DPP lead Azelf has come to make an announcement

Aeorodactyl is a bitchass motherfucker, he pissed Stealth Rocks all over my field, that’s right, he took his fucking prehistoric dick out and pissed all over my side of the field, and he said his dick was THIS big, and I said that’s disgusting, so I’m making a call out post of my smogon/forums.com: Aeorodactyl, you have a small dick, it’s the size of this Joltik except way smaller, and guess what, here’s what my dick looks like, that’s right baby, all Stealth Rocks, no Taunt, no Rapid Spin. Lookat that, it looks like two Colbur berries and a bong. He taunted me so guess what, I’m gonna fucking Explode, THAT’S RIGHT, THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, MY SUPER NYTROGLICERINE EXPLOSION

Except I’m not Explode on Aeorodactyl, no, I’m gonna go higher, I’m gonna blow ON CLEFABLE, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT chaos, I EXPLODED ON YOUR CLEFABLE YOU IDIOT

You have 8 turns before the Calm Mind CRROCUNNE sweeps your team, now get out if my fucking sight before I blow up on you too.

#DPP #lead #Azelf #announcement

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