Drake the type of guy

Drake the type of guy to go to a carnival or a fairground or something with an arcade in it & at the arcade well not an arcade I guess arcade is more electronic games

& like Drake would see one of the games there like one of the ones with the bell & you have to hit it but you dont hit the bell you like hit a thing that makes another thing go into the bell? You know, to ring it?

Anyways, so imagine this, so Drake sees that game & he’s like – actually lets just do a dunk tank instead. He goes to the dunk tank at the carnival, okay? & this is where he’s like “Im gonna win this game for you girl” to the girl he brought there cuz you know he’s kind of a player

Yeah so hes at the dunk tank, & hes like “Im gonna win this for you” like I said earlier. But in his head he’s thinking “I want that really fluffy pink bear in the prizes part of the attraction,” so he tries to win it for himself under the false pretense that he’s gonna win it for girl, but then he misses!!!! He’s that type of guy.

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