dramatic tale of gardenia<3

no cause i was asleep for like couple hours
i had a dream that i went to my friend her sleepover
but when we were abt to go to bed this guy walked in and i didnt notice and apparently i was sitting on his lap and so he started touching me and i was like wtf bro so i punched him and took his phone and i was like if u do that shit again i’ll break ur phone
and he was like
and then he stayed away
amd then i went home and me and my friend went to a bar and we got really drunk
and i passed out and i woke up wanting to take a pic of myself
but i thought i was taking a picture but instead i took a pic of my side profile and bot front face LMFAO
abd then i was like ok i will go brush my teeth cause while taking a pic i aaw my friend and her beother brushing thwir teeth kn the bar bathroom so i did too
bjt then
christian bale walked in
he was completely naked
and he asked me
what do u wanna use the bathroom for?
and i said to brush my teeth
and hebstarted peeing on me
and i think i walked home
through a forest
and then i tried sendigng videos to my friends on discord cause
i cojld see multiple scenes at once
i could see myself passed out in the bar and christian bale taking me away somewhere
and i saw me and my friend inspecting a dead body
and then when i sent the videos apparently they were judt all gore videos
and they were like why r u sendingg me gore
and i was like sorry im drunk
and then my sidter asked me
yo why did u send me that video of u on the floor with pee all over u
and i was like uhh i dont remember that
cause she showed me the video and i was like
thats me being taken away by the grim reaper??
and i just connected the dots

#dramatic #tale #gardenialt3

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