During Halloween high in a gas station

I went to a gas station to get snacks while tripping on 105ug of LSD. I’d forgotten it was Halloween before going in and was totally floored at the sight of the cashier wearing a giant witch hat and spiderwebs and shit everywhere. I remember the aisles seeming tall as hell and feeling like I was in the middle of a great valley or something while getting my snacks. Also, due to the fact that the cashiers have a raised floor behind the counter and are higher up than the customers, the height difference freaked me out and made me feel like the cashier was a judge at the stand looking down on me or something. Got up to the counter and burst into an insane laughing fit while desperately trying to shuffle out the correct amount of cash while feeling like I was a tiny alien piloting a giant meat suit. Finally managed to pay and the cashier said “happy Halloween” in a super creepy voice, and I’m still not sure if they actually sounded like that or if I was just tripping but I was convinced they knew I was fucked up and were messing with me.

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  1. Filling for Halloween

    I went to the gas station for dinner and drank 105 micrograms of LSD. Before I walked in, I forgot my Halloween store and saw a big overturned magic hat and ATM behind it. When I see people in the valley or something interesting, I remember I went to hell. I was surprised to see this comparison. Because I look like I’m looking at a table with a judge or something. Because the first winner is in front of the customer. I am lucky to have a coal stove and work hard to earn a living. The last payer said “Halloween Joy”? But they know I’m so tired.

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