guys help me!

I get unusually horny when I vacuum my couch or my wife’s double bed with the new Dyson vacuum cleaner, when I see how I stuff the pipe into the crevices and cracks of the fittings, my penis suddenly gets so bulging that my pants almost burst . I only wish my wife was such a helpless couch that could be sucked out by my powerful vacuum cleaner pipe and then open up other crevices to be sucked out by me and my pipe as well. Something about it turns me on in a way that no porn could…

it makes me every wednesday night watching netflix after our weekly cleaning day to force as many fingers as possible into my couch whenever we lay or sit on the clean couch in the evening aaah…,

God, just thinking about those cracks makes me want to squeeze my hairy man testicles.


What do you think?

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