Dystopia or Utopia?


>have numerous outstanding carbon tax payments, pre-existing hatespeech fines, and student debts

>already having a quarter of your wages garnished

>state settlement board sentences you to 5 years of medical surrogacy

>despite numerous anti-aging treatments, boomers still frequently need new organs

>have 3d-printed uterus installed

>now gestating pig/human chimeras

>they keep giving you massive litters of them, lots of demand for hearts, livers, and blood

#Dystopia #Utopia

What do you think?

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  1. habe a lot of carbon tax payments in circulation, fine before expiry, student loan

    phy already with the branch of your king

    5 years of medical overrogance decorated with the starting payment table.

    phy despite many anti-aging treatments, the boom still requires a new long term

    3d printed cervical installation

    Pig of digestion slogan / human cheme

    phy they provide a large amount of demand for chest, liver and blood

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