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Unfortunately, I have some unpléasant néws for you.
Roughly séveral months ago I have managéd to gét a complété access to all dévicés that you usé to browsé intérnét.
Afterwards, I havé procéeded with monitoring all intérnet activities of yours.

You can chéck out the sequencé of évents summarizé below:
Previously I havé bought from hackérs a spécial access to various email accounts (curréntly, it is rather a straightforward thing that can bé doné online).
Cléarly, I could éffortléssly log in to your email account as well.

One wéék aftér that, I procééded with installing a Trojan virus in operating Systéms of all your dévicés, which are uséd by you to login to your email.
Actually, that was rather a simplé thing to do (because you have opénéd a few links from your inbox émails préviously).
Genius is in simplicity. ( ~_^)

Thanks to that software I can gét access to all controllers inside your devices (such as your video camera, microphone, keyboard étc.).
I could easily download all your data, photos, wéb browsing history and othér information to my servers.
I can access all your social networks accounts, messengers, emails, including chat history as well as contacts list.
This virus of miné uncéasingly kéeps réfreshing its signaturés (sincé it is controlled by a drivér), and as résult stays unnoticéd by antivirus softwaré.

Hereby, I beliévé by this timé it is alréady clear for you why I was néver détected until I sent this léttér…

While compiling all the information rélatéd to you, I have also found out that you aré a trué fan and fréquent visitor of adult websités.
You truly enjoy browsing through porn websites, whilé watching arousing vidéos and experiéncing an unimaginable satisfaction.
To be honést, I could not resist but to récord some of your kinky solo séssions and compiléd them in séveral videos, which demonstraté you masturbating and cumming in thé end.

If you still don’t trust me, all it takés me is séveral mousé clicks to distributé all those videos with your colléagues, friends and évén relativés.
In addition, I can upload thém onliné for éntiré public to access.
I truly béliéve, you absolutely don’t want such things to occur, béaring in mind thé kinky stuff éxposed in those videos that you usually watch, (you définitely understand what I am trying to say) it will result in a compléte disaster for you.

We can still resolvé it in the following manner:
You perform a transfer of $1590 USD to mé (a βitcoin équivalént based on the exchange raté during thé funds transfer), so after I receive thé transfer, I will straight away remové all thosé lecherous vidéos without hésitation.
Then we can preténd like it has nevér happenéd béforé. In addition, I assure that all thé harmful software will bé deactivated and rémovéd from all dévices of yours. Don’t worry, I am a man of my word.

It is really a good déal with a considérably low the pricé, béaring in mind that I was monitoring your profile as well as traffic ovér an exténdéd period.
If you still unawaré about the purchasé and transfer process of βitcoins – all you can do is find thé nécéssary information onliné.
My βitcoin wallet is as follows: 112Q8wSHGikv5WKVjBDmgBzu9mYNYWa6oM
You are léft with 48 hours and thé countdown starts right aftér you opén this email (2 days to bé spécific).

Don’t forgét to keep in mind and abstain from doing the following:
> Do not attémpt to reply my émail (this email was genérated in your inbox togéther with the réturn address).
> Do not attémpt to call police as wéll as othér sécurity servicés. Moreover, don’t éven think of sharing it with your friends. If I gét to know about it (based on my skills, that would be very easy, sincé that I havé all your systems undér my control and constant monitoring) – your dirty video will become public without delay.
> Don’t attémpt séarching for mé – it is complétely useléss. Cryptocurréncy transactions always remain anonymous.
> Don’t attémpt réinstalling thé oS of your dévices or évén gétting rid of thém. It is meaningless too, because all your privaté videos are alréady been available on remoté sérvers.

Things you shouldn’t bé concérned about:
> That I will not récéivé the funds transfér you make.
Relax, I will be able to track it immediatély, after you complete the funds transfer, because I uncéasingly monitor all activitiés that you do (trojan virus of miné can control rémotely all procésses, samé as TéamViewér).
> That I will still distributé your videos aftér you havé sent thé monéy to mé.
Believé mé, it is pointless for mé to procééd with troubling you aftér that. Bésides that, if that really was my intention, it would happén long time ago!

It all will bé settléd on fair conditions and térms!

oné last advice from mé… Moving forward make suré you don’t get involvéd in such type of incidents again!
My suggestion – maké suré you changé all your passwords as often as possiblé.

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