Explanation of the bowling animation

A detailed explenantion:

The video has 1990’s graphics and runs in like 12 frames a second. An innocent female bowling pin is standing alone when suddenly she gets approached by a bowling ball. The bowling ball, unveiling its large cock, with even bigger bowling balls, grabs the pin with a big hand and uses it as a fleshlight. It is clearly visible that the pin enjoys this. The bowling ball cums, filling the pin with sperm, wich makes her inflate. Then she shoots out of the cock of the bowling ball, propelled by cum, into the other pins, getting a strike.

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  1. detailed summary:

    the video was seen in 1990 and was similar to 12 frames. An innocent woman was completely common. the ceeds, the veracity of their slogans, or even the greatest burial head, gave a great bag and used it as a malignant. It is clear that this pillar benefits. it was surprised by the instigation of cholera and pyrethroid sites. she was shot in her essence, which was sent to other pharmacies, followed by strikes.

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