Explanation on why solid snake is thicc

There’s a perfectly scientific and lore oriented reason for utilizing such a gratuitous ass shot of the beloved action hero Solid Snake of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The glutes are the highest point of the legs. Legs are what facilitates all the sneaking Solid Snake has done over the last 30 years of his life and have allowed him to save the world time and time again from the threat of nuclear war. So in this frame our lord and savior Kojima-San pays homage to the roughest, toughest, thiccest, phattest, juiciest ass that the stealth action genre has ever seen. That ass carried an entire video game franchise. Those cheeks made history as they clapped time and time again with each step taken all over the world in service to keeping mankind safe. Those absolute beefcakes are responsible for saving countless lives. That whole bakery is the reason Raiden got to develop an identity of his own and see his son again. Without that absolute unit of a dump dumptruck there is no Metal Gear, so in this moment Kojima-San wants the player to reflect on every step that led Solid Snakes ass to this very moment in time and space, and I think that’s beautiful

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