Family barbecue gone wrong. AITA?

Things went a bit crazy at her family barbecue (did I mess up?)

So this weekend, I took my girlfriend of 2 weeks to a really romantic date to the recycling center, and she invited me to come to her family’s barbecue on Sunday. I said yes, and I was really excited to meet her family. Come sunday, I showed up early and helped her dad make hot dogs and hamburgers. He was a really nice guy, and so was her mom. Her mom kind of had a big nose, though. Anyway, everything was going great and more of her family started showing up. Everyone was having a great time eating some quality food. But then all of a sudden, she dragged me into the house, jumped on top of the garbage can (she’s kinda short – 2’3″) and started smelling my nose and making out with me. I was really surprised this happened because I wanted to save my first kiss for after I have kids. But then things got weirder when she pulled me into her bedroom, her stolen mail collection on full display, and started ripping her clothes off in front of me. This absolutely shocked me, so much so that I fainted onto the ground and started reciting biblical scriptures. She asked me what I was doing, and then I called the police and falsely reported her as an arsonist claiming she set the local food bank on fire in 1974. She started crying while the police put her in handcuffs and arrested her. I just wasn’t ready to have sex. Did I go too far?

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