Farting Etiquette in Moslem Culture

My question relating to Farting Etiquette in Moslem Culture is one I am asking genuinely and respectfully and out of genuine interest. I’m asking it because once I was in a shop in a Moslem country and a customer accidentally let out an enormous involuntary fart. The shopkeeper ran up to him and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him out of the shop, yelling and waving his arms around in temper.

So my question is this: Is a Moslem woman allowed to fart in front of her husband? If she needs to fart in the night is she forced to hold it in or does she have to get up to go to the bathroom to let it out? Or can she fart in her husband’s presence as she wishes/needs to?

UPDATE: Farting Etiquette in Moslem Culture

I posted the query below a couple of weeks back but an unexpected update occurred yesterday that I thought I’d share. We were in a Department Store and I was sitting outside the store’s toilets with our large number of shopping bags waiting for my wife to come out of the ladies’ toilets. A large made Moslem woman around 130 kg in full Moslem attire was seated opposite me with a tiny baby about six weeks old. The woman appeared to be awaiting her husband to come out of the mens. Suddenly she let out one of the most explosively loud farts I’d ever heard and then tried playfully chastising her little baby girl. There’s no way it was the baby, she could never have done a fart of that magnitude at such a young age. The woman’s face was covered by her clothing so whether she looked embarrassed or not, one cannot say.

My wife returned from the ladies’ and the woman’s husband returned from the men’s at the sane time so I then went to have a pee only. There was no one else in the gents but from the awful smell in there it seemed the man had had a mega shit.

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