Fat people are responsible for 9/11

Fat people are responsible for 9/11. Too many fat Americans sat on the side same of the airplane, weighing it down and causing it to bank and fly into the World Trade Center at an angle. America’s weight issue was so bad that it happened to 2 other planes! Bush didn’t want the fat American stereotype to look like it was true so he blamed it on Arabic people because they seemed most likely to do it. Then he killed a random civilian blamed for 9/11 named Osama Bin Laden (RIP). If you look at fat Americans today, you can see they’re planning their next attack. Some make themselves so humungous that they will collapse under their own mass and become a black hole. In multiple instances fat people stole air and inflated the food economy, trying to destroy the American economy and bring the country down. These people are literally like human tanks. Do what’s right and get rid of them. God bless America!

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