Filthy Frank helped me marry a Japanese woman

December 2018, I was living in Los Angeles working at my travel sales job with a fairly above average income and reasonable cost of living. I was planning a trip to Vietnam, I was looking forward to only spending a little money while enjoying the fairly warmer weather during the winter. My old friend had caught wind of my travel plans and got ahold of me, he convinced me to joining him in Japan after his travel buddy bailed, so I figured it would be cool to have someone to party with anyways.

We arrive in Narita, took the Shinkansen to Shibuya, and laid up in our hotel for the night. The following night, we had caught a ride in a taxi where our driver hinted to a club that was having a massive fashion promotion and a lot of people were supposed to show up. So we took his advise and prepared for the rest of the night.

Back at the hotel, I was looking up YouTube videos on how to flirt in Japanese. I came across Filthy Franks Japanese lessons and holy shit, I instantly fell in love with his channel and pink guy! My friend already knew who he was and introduced me to his music, pink guy lore, etc.. I was hooked!

Anyways, I learned what I could from his Japanese lessons and went to the club. There I met my soon to be wife and her friend, we danced from 11pm to 5am. Afterwards, she agreed to come back to my air bnb where we watched a scary movie. Once there was a long enough break in the film, we started making out. She opened her eyes and looked at me, I whispered calmly and cool “Echi Shioze?..”

She laughed at first with great surprise, she asked me how I knew that (of course I didn’t tell her), and then we got to it 👉🏻👌🏻 (btw, we had to google translated 90% of our conversations, great patience lol)

6 months later we got married and I moved in with her in Aobadai Meguro Tokyo (5min walk from Shibuya) for 2 years before moving back to the states with our son and daughter where we live in San Jose now.

I wish I could get ahold of Joji and tell him the impact his Japanese lessons had on my life, but I doubt he’d care lol

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