First madghosts post, I’m a lame Dad that is trying to figure out copypasta, is this right?

Mark Wahlberg has NEVER starred in a bad movie, no matter what character roll he plays.. This has to be the most badass thrill ride movies of his career yet.. This movie had to of had an incredibly high budget first of all.. That’s what I love to see in an action pact thrill.. First off just the cars used for intense car chases were Ferrari, Jaguars, and I’m not sure if they were extremely modified HUMMERS, or HUMVEES, but they were built to wreck everything in it’s way.. The stunt doubles used in this movie were absolutely incredible.. There were stunts performed in this feature I’ve NEVER seen before, and I’ve seen a lot of movies.. The fighting scenes were of high quality also.. There were no cheap corners cut to make this movie what it is.. The special effects were amazing as well as the sound effects, and some of the locations this movie also took place were, for lack of a better word majestical, and only enhanced the quality of picture.. This might sound like a dramatic review, and maybe it is a little over the top, but I don’t typically write a review on a movie.. I think this movie deserves some extra credit.**Show less**

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