Flesh sword

Unsure if Brodin would praise or frown upon this, but I think I accidentally made another swoldier’s flesh sword rise in the temple’s locker 😅

Today after my prayer session in the temple, I went to the swoldier’s lair to cleanse my face and change my cloth before leaving. As I was putting my top layer on, a fellow, familiar swoldier emerged from the bathing corners with a towel tithed around his waist. “Holy shit, my brother, for you are stacked in your traps,” he said. “Thou always knew you had large shoulders, but those are mighty gains overall. Great work in your worship and prayer to Brodin!” I thanked my fellow brother for the kind words, but he then inquired further about my shoulder prayers. As he wiped away the water from his skin and stood there asking questions and conversating, I noticed his flesh sword began to raise upward. “My apologies, my brother, I hath just finished a hard workout,” he joked and assured me it was unintended, though I must say I have always admired his form as well, and felt the need to compliment his statuesque frame in return.

I am not sure if Brodin would praise thee or frown upon me for causing such distraction, but I do think there is no greater compliment from be it a swoldier or valkyrie when kind words of thy gains are recognized (and can even be done so sincerely even when standing there with no cloth on thy body.)

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