Flint lockwood character analysis

In the movies they’re shown to have grown, stretching the shoes, which kind of makes sense because they appear to be made of a fairly lightweight rubbery material. Then again, if they aren’t very firm, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to cut them off, and yet he is shown trying to do so.

Spray-On Shoes is able to defeat the robot at the end of the movie by plugging it’s output hole, which was shown to be creating world ending natural disasters. Therefore, we can probably just assume that, despite being very flexible and light, Spray-On Shoes is also virtually indestructible.

Flint, therefore, was a dumbass for inventing a ridiculously strong yet still supple and light rubber and using it as sprayable shoes instead of tires, the soles of regular shoes, or tool handles. This, however, completely checks out with his eccentric personality and lack of common sense. Flint is extremely booksmart but also bad at basic logic. He created portal technology and his first thought was to use it for transporting your groceries and not literally anything else. He created a machine capable of turning water into food and gave it the stupidest name imagineable. He has the ability to combine the DNA of completely unrelated species into viable lifeforms, and he uses it to create child-eating flying rats for absolutely no reason. Flint is both incredibly smart and a massive fucking moron, and all the evidence you need of this is permanently welded to his very flesh.

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