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so it all starts with William afton, and his buddy named Henry. Afton was a dad, had a daughter named Elizabeth, a son named Micheal, and an unnamed (probably had name, was just never brought up) younger child, of whom is known as crying child, due to his constant crying in literally any situation. Now Afton and his buddy were geniuses that somehow created machinery centuries ahead of its time (fnaf starts in the 1980-2000’s), and start a new diner of which had two functional kiddie entertaining robots, those being fredbear (a bear), spring Bonnie (a bunny), and the security puppet (a marionette).Considering the amount of restaurants that existed, they were pretty successful. now another thing to mention, is that Afton (and only afton) is also a psychotic murder, and murdered what is possibly his first kiddie victim, although maybe not, some voice lines in UCN prove that chica (Susie) was the first victim. But this is the first victim shown in game at least, maybe he killed Susie but only did (stuff that is spoiling to the plot later on) after animatronics were able to be used, with that out of the way, mofo killed his buddy Henry’s daughter for some damn reason, his actions may or may not have purpose, but yet again, that’s later. There definitely was security puppet, but the kiddies inside the diner had seemed to use her (probably the puppet’s gender) aesthetic design against her, stacking boxes on the giant present she peeks out of to check the area, of which she was able to push off, yet a bit too late considering the kiddies locked out Henry daughter (I forgor her name srry lol), of which gave afton a perfect time to kill. The puppet then went outside in search of her, of which it was raining, and since the puppet was an early design, water screwed her up, of which she broke down while laying near (Henry’s daughter) corpse, of which seemed to somehow get her to possess the puppet. Now I could be screwing this all up, and it may have happened in the revamped location which is until later, but my brain isn’t functioning properly considering it’s 2:48 AM rn and I am doing this from memory. With that out, now we go to crying child’s pov. He was severely bullied by his older brother of who would terrorize him with a mask of the future face of foxy, for no (yet) explained reason. Another thing to mention is he had an attraction to Fred’s, yet was also terrified by it, and would at times try to sneak into Fred’s without his father’s permission. He had some weird ass plush of faz bear that would talk to him in full length sentences To prevent this, Afton had the genius idea to use genius tech ahead of even modern times, on his child, and make him have horrific hallucinations/nightmares of the future Freddy gang, and of fredbear, to deter him from trying to go back there, and that fazbearbplush? It seemed to be controlled with a microphone or something that William would talk to him or something like that. this didn’t seem to work, and for some odd reason, Afton thought it would be a cool idea to also have his birthday party there. Micheal was also there, and with some of his own buddies, and they all had the great idea of grabbing crying child and put him inside of fredbear’s jaw so that he could “kiss him”, of which caused his frontal lobe to get bitten off, or something like that, and no, this is NOT the bite of 87, since it happened in the year 83(television showing the show “fred bear and friends” proves this). now, it is uncertain if crying child died or survived, and for a period of time it was considered that he was the protagonist we play as, of which is now false, but it seems to point towards him dying, and semi possessing golden Freddy. Now, another thing to mention is that his sister may or may not have died before him, but I am currently not functioning, and have no clue which goes first. After loosing a child, he promptly closed down the diner, but then also had the genius idea of opening a few more restaurants. Now this is where I am uncertain about things, there seemed to be another location, but some stuff are screwing up my brain, yeah, srry. During or if not very closely after opening Fred’s diner, he opened another chain of restaurants, with the iconic Freddy gang that includes Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Now he also murdered kiddies I’m this pizzeria, and instead of leaving the bodies back in an alley way, he had the luxury of putting corpses of children that decay, inside of entertainment robots, of which the puppet somehow caused them all to get possessed, and start acting aggressive to security guards, as they resemble their murder. It was closed down after the odor of decaying corpses became visible to the human nose. Then he decided to make yet another chain, and from the looks of it, it wasn’t he who did it, but his good ol pal Henry, with even crazier tech, revamping old designs, and causing an entire fan base horny for a chicken who resembles a human more than it’s respective animal, hence forth causing people to be semi furrys, yet not at the same time-ish? And the old animatronics were just tossed in the parts in service for no reason at all. now, Afton wasn’t just gonna let Henry play him that easily, and then created yet more crazy tech, with animatronics that can blow ballons with their fingers, and fucking ice cream aswell, the Funtime animatronics, of which he also specifically designed to kill kiddies and stuff their bodies inside themselves without his action. Specifically programmed to get kiddies who are by themselves, far from the crowd. Afton also prevented his daughter from coming in contact from the child’s dream, so she inevitably sneaked to the specific robot known as baby, of which she had to do so by being far from human contact, and got killed by baby, and none of the kids knew because they was in another room shouting and stuff. So the dumbass lost two kids to his own creations. He coped through it though, moved the Funtime animatronics down to his (what is speculated, and also probable) giant ass basement under his house,made them into rentals from then on, and decided his next best action was to go to a newer, yet seemingly lower quality tech pizzeria, of which I am currently confused of considering I’m doing this from my own damn memory, to break down the og fnaf gang with his own damn bare hands, and this is where I may have screwed up, the scrapped gang of Freddy in fnaf 2, but what I do know is that Afton had seemingly tore them down to become to become… immortal? This is lore coming from the books, where he tears the robots down for “reminent” or something like that which somehow causes you to become immortal (I mean, if children posses the suits they were stuffed in, this isn’t too far fetched for the story), why he didn’t get their reminent right after killing them, I have no idea, maybe it only worked after they possessed something, idk, but either way, doing so caused the spirits of the kiddies ended up loose, and then cornered Afton down to a room, in which (I forgor whose spirit in specific) starts to chase hi around in. Now I didn’t mention this before, but I will now, Afton lured all the kiddies he killed by dressing up in the spring Bonnie costume, of which was a spring lock costume, which allowed for the robots endoskeleton to be removed and some stuff to be cranked back for enough space for a worker to get inside and preform, with also a huge risk of dying a horrible death. This very suit was in the room he was getting chased into, and for some reason he put it on for protection or something. Now, to explain it fully, animatronics have and endoskeleton of which has all the functioning stuff, and since the earliest version wasn’t as advanced as the others, and didn’t have the same fudged, they decided to make a mechanism of which all the things that hold up the endoskeleton in place can be cranked back with springs, for a human to preform in. The problem is that these can possibly snap shut, it’s like putting your fingers on a spring, and if you slightly move one, it will spring out and fling out. In this case, the ‘out’ is being covered by a humans body, and the spring is connected to the suit, and the springs can be tripped by moisture, due to the friction between the spring getting slippery. In the very mini game the room is shown some dripping water in the ceiling, of which caused the spring locks to snap shut, impaling Afton in literally every part of his body, causing his horrific death. Considering that anything that dies or is stuffed in something, ends up possessing it, our pal always comes back, but is a horrific corpse inside of a old damaged suit. Now, since this pizzeria wasn’t closed, they eventually found out Afton’s corpse and instead of cleaning up the mess, just downright close of the entire room as if it did not exist. Now let’s go back to Micheal, after having literally everyone in his family die, he probably decided that his best course of action would be to undo all the problems his father caused. He went to the first Freddy’s, where he was attacked by the robots, guess kids do resemble their murderous father’s appearance, of which he was able to survive by very obviously staying in the security office, and to make sure he didn’t get rejected for literally having a serial killer as his father, he used fake names, in this occasio, Jeremy Fritz, or something idk. At the end, he burnt down the entire restaurant in hopes that the spirits would be freed. Now I have no clue if these were the ones scrapped in the service room in fnaf 2, but they probably were. Michael then goes to this one, and does something with the robots, but didn’t burn down the pizzeria this time. I’m pretty sure the toy animatronics (the upgraded ogs not including mangle, mangle is theorized to have been possessed by Susie’s dog) weren’t possessed by any dead kiddies, therefore making it unnecessary for him to burn them down, but the restaurant did close down, most likely due to the Og robots. So later on, some idiot decided that it’d be a neat idea to make a horror attraction based on the missing kiddies and stuff, so he got ,what I think was the original pizzeria, made it creepy, and decided that he needed at least 1 animatronic to actually get customers. Luckily for him, the man himself inside a heavily damaged bunny suit was in the very location, of which afton probably used to his advantage and acted functional. Now of course, nobody knows that the animatronic with the smell of a decaying corpse knew that it had a decaying corpse inside of it, except our good pal Mike, and went to work there, survived his own psychotic father, and burnt the entire place down, thinking he freed the spirits of everyone. Now somehow, Afton survived, and was able to degrade his entire design somehow, and also told Mike before he eventually got spring locked that his sister was still somewhere down in the basement or something. Now considering fnaf 6, the puppet had seemed to escape, and re posses all the animatronics that were burnt down in the fire, into the Funtime animatronics somehow, since she had to literally be lured into a machine that was designed to catch her, yet did nothing but make her appear like Freddy, but that’s later. Now considering all the animatronics were put inside robots since before they were even teens, their mentality degraded, of which caused Mikes own sis to fool Mike into entering the scooping room, of which all the Funtime animatronics went to, combined themselves into one entity called Enard, and scooped out all of Mikes insides with the scooping room’s functions, and were finally human for around 30 years from their death. But, it’s common sense that using a corpse as a costume is: bodies rot, so Mikes skin eventually became as problematic as Enard walking around without it, so they vomited themselves out of Mikes skin, of which baby somehow predicted that just like his father, he wouldn’t die, and Mike fucking stands up while having no insides present. Now he talks to himself somehow expecting Afton to hear, of which he concludes with, he’s gonna find him. Fast forward a bit, The foos in Enard get mad that baby’s the one mainly in control or something, and kick her out of the gang, of which she somehow rebuilds a similar looking animatronic to baby, except all beat up, roles skate shoes, and a giant ass claw. A new Freddy’s restaurant opens, in which you are a co-founder or something, a job that should be pretty rare, of which Mike somehow got (explained later). But Afton, and Enard (now as Molten Freddy) and left (aka the puppet inside of a black Freddy costume lookin thing) all pull up on Mike before he does, and then has to survive his usual 7 nights. Then baby gives a monologue about how Mike was a fool and bunched up a ton of kiddies for them to scoop, of which then, The OG Henry cuts the bich off smoothly, and basically burns them all down, fooling everyone, except for Mike, kinda, Henry made sure that it was mike who got the job, dudes a corpse, it was supposed to be the end for everyone with a badass speech. Then Afton is put in a constant hell by one specific kiddie, the one speculated to be Golden Freddy, of which I did not mention and I’m sorry for doing so, and also k8nda doesn’t have much explanation until now, who for some reason has more power than the other kiddies, and keeps afton in constant suffering, of which a dude by the name of “Old man consequences” try’s to dis encourage and let everyone rest, who is also most likely Henry, but we don’t know. But then after everyone fucking dies, Afton is somehow still alive. How? Well he somehow became a hacker, and was able to transfer some of his consciousness into a chip (had to be before he got springlocked), of which ended up being put inside a virtual reality game that the Freddy’s company made in an attempt to clear their name, by showing every experience Mike had working in the restaurants. Considering the current times in the fnaf timeline are in like the 2030’s and above, most of the details weren’t available of the things that happened, so it worked. But, by playing the games you can find secret recordings of which ARE part of the lore, and necessary, of which are kinda journals of a worker. Some of these talk about her pal Jeremy (there are many Jeremys, due to a picture, the dude possessing Bonnie is named Jeremy), of whom was being attacked in the brain by afton, of which he ends up skinning off his face. Yep, and then she gives specific orders to not interact with the tapes, but then was screwed over by Afton like Jeremy, except she didn’t loose her mind as much, and then did a 180 and said to kill the digital version of afton, of which is a bunny, time made out of cloth and fabric instead of metallic insides and stuff, and was green due to it being rather glitchy, by collecting all of the tapes, and doing some stuff on the tv thingy, of which freed afton instead of killing him, causing the opportunity for him to screw over the brains of many other people, but he seems to tone down on that for some reason. Then later on, the Freddy entertainment company makes an entire ass mall for even newer robots, glamrock foxy (stfu and stop being a furry, this one has no excuse unlike toy chica),glamrock chica (not as thicc as toy chica but ehh, I guess), glamrock Freddy, and Monty gator. All them aren’t known if they inhibit a kiddie’s soul, but definitely have some form of consciousness, considering they have independent thoughts, actions, and emotions. Instead of the good ol’ Micheal, you’re a two year old who somehow stayed in the mall late, by fucking throwing himself into Freddy’s highly dangerous inside cavity of which isn’t designed to store kiddies, but is large enough to, somehow, without anyone knowing including Freddy. Although Freddy did pass out or something mid performance due to… idfk, but either way, all animatronics but Freddy and the goat sun (his name is SUN not SUNDROP, SUNDROP is the name of the candy based off of him) are trying to kill you or something, and it is very easy to know that Vanesa of whom is being mind controlled by afton, screwed around with the robots, as for Freddy cannot find you’re existence ever have been recorded (as for the year is much later (most likely) than before and that’s probably light work for the knock off Aftons), yet the others know your name of which is Gregory. Gregory has little to no context to him except a few stuff, of which is later, so to escape with your buddy Freddy, all you have to do is destroy your friend’s friends to rip their parts and claim them as your own, but there is a problem of which is, that one woman of whom was irrelevant for a while comes back looking similar to glitch trap, and hunts you down aswell, of which Freddy cannot see. Oh yeah you can also just hop into Freddy and they won’t know where you are even though you literally entered into Freddy right in front of them. Except for moon, sun’s “double personality” of which is activated after you make him mentally insane when you turned off the lights that one time he offered you safety and entertainment with the small rule of keeping the lights on, of which will screw you over even while inside Freddy.

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