Forbidden Love (Mussolini x Hitler fanfic)

“Kerchunk” The metal door was shut, finally Hitler had gotten time alone with Mussolini. 

“So you wanted to talk with me?” “y-yes sir!” “Ha ha, you’re adorable” Hitler comes in close, Mussolini’s breath deepens. Mussolini closes his eyes as he feels Hitlers hand brush against his torso. “Let’s remove that belt.” Hitler slides off Mussolini’s belt and untucks his shirt. Hitler runs his hands up and down Mussolini’s hips and stomach. Mussolini lets out a subtle moan. A quick breath. Hitler whispers into Mussolini’s ear “Do you like that baby?” Without waiting for an answer Hitler fully takes off Mussolini’s shirt. Then Hitler picks up Mussolini, Mussolini wrapping his legs around Hitler, breathes “yes!” Hitler pulls off Mussolini’s pants and his undergarments. Hitler then pulled off his own pants and everything else. Hitler whispers into Mussolini’s ear, “are you ready?” Mussolini shakes his head furiously. Hitler spits into his hand and fully lubricates his meaty cock. He rubs his tip along Mussolini’s bum. Then slowly Hitler inserts his penis into Mussolini. Mussolini moans, Hitler smiles “you like that?” “y-yes!” Hitler picks up speed once he sees Mussolini is comfortable and very much enjoying himself. Hitler grabs Mussolini”s cock and starts sliding his hand up and down. Mussolini is overcome with feelings; it all feels so good, so unreal. “Please keep going, piu veloce! Piu veloce!” “Keep quiet Mussi, we don’t want the others hearing.” Hitler keeps picking up the pace until he’s going balls deep. All of a sudden, Mussolini feels this tingling sensation. Mussolini was begging Hitler to continue, to keep on jacking him. And then Mussolini couldn’t hold it anymore… He released. He shot a warm pool of cum onto Hitlers hand. Mussolini had never orgasimed so hard in his life. He was shaking from head to toe. Just then Hitler grabs Mussolini’s waist, tight. He threw his head back and shot his warm load into Mussolini’s ass. Hitler released everything he had into Mussolini. Shaking Hitler pulls out and watches as his cum falls out of Mussolini’s rear.He then orders Mussolini to get dressed for his guys will be coming back soon. 

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